The Great Houseplant Census of 2010

Mr. McGregor’s Daughter suggested we have a houseplant census to see how many plants everyone has living inside.  I am a little behind getting mine organized, but it’s probably best so I didn’t skew her results.  I have an overabundance of houseplants this year.  Most of them came from my closed greenhouse business.  Since I was leasing the property (greenhouses), my favorite plants needed to come home.  Having a business as such, it was easy to hide my plant addiction, I mean collection.  Now they are housed in my basement under 7 grow lights and upstairs until I can build them a proper home.  Please don’t ask how much my electricity bill is.

Here we go!  Many pictures to follow…

  • 2 Clivias

  • 1 Epiphyllum ‘Curly’
  • 1 Night Blooming Cereus- I hear people have parties when this plant comes into bloom.  They only open at night and have an exquisite scent.  I’m not sure how to prop up this gangly plant, any suggestions?  I almost lost this plant during Kentucky’s epic ice storm January ’09 when we lost power for a week.  It was not one of the plants that was fortunate enough to be moved into the greenhouse with the kerosene heater.  They all had severe cold damage and all foliage was lost, but low & behold we kept them and by summer they had grown back from the roots!

  • 8 Begonias- Miami Storm, Fireworks, Fairy, Evelyn Weidner, Escargot, Palomar Prince, Cowardly Lion, Iron Cross
  • 1 Sago Palm- A garden center I sold plants to gave me this plant and some other tropicals since they didn’t have heated greenhouses to overwinter plants.  I was so excited.  Upon further inspection it was loaded with scale!  I didn’t have the heart to throw away this beautiful plant so I brought it home and quarantined it.  I smooshed as many of the bugs I could by hand and then sprayed, sprayed, and sprayed again.  I still continue to find those buggers even 1 1/2 years later.

  • 4 Devil’s Backbone (1 pictured)

Prickly Plants

  • 2 Reggae Time Agave
  • 1 Happy Crown Agave
  • 1 Retro Choke Agave
  • 1 Bloodspot Mangave
  • 1 Crown of Thorns
  • 1 Rat-tail Cactus

Pointy Plants

  • 1 mother Aloe
  • 1 Silver Ridge Aloe
  • 3 Pink Blush Aloe
  • 1 Grassy Lassie Aloe
  • 1 Midnight Aloe
  • 1 Fire Ranch Aloe
  • 2 Haworthii


  • 2 Kiwi Aeonium
  • 1 Zwartkop Aeonium
  • 1 Pinwheel Aeonium
  • 2 Princess Pine Crassula
  • 2 Hobbit Crassula
  • 3 Jade Crassula
  • 4 Red Carpet Stonecrop Crassula
  • 2 Miniature Pine Tree Crassula
  • 1 Springtime Crassula
  • 1 Metallica Echeveria
  • 2 Lola Echeveria
  • 1 setosa Echeveria
  • 2 nodulosa Echeveria
  • 1 tolimanensis Echeveria
  • 1 Black Prince Echeveria
  • 3 Ghost Plant Graptopetalum
  • 2 South American Air Plant Kalanchoe
  • 1 Silver Grey Kalanchoe
  • 2 Flap Jacks Kalanchoe
  • 2 Pink Vygie Lampranthus
  • 2 Red Stem Portulacaria
  • 5 Elephant Bush Portulacaria
  • 1 Jet Beads Sedeveria
  • 1 Happy Young Lady Cotyledon
  • 1 Blue Chalk Fingers Senecio
  • 3 Sedum clavatum
  • 1 Ogon Sedum
  • 2 Coral Sedum
  • 1 Makino Sedum

  • 1 Orange Star

  • 1 Ponytail Palm
  • 1 Rhoeo

  • 1 unknown sp. Palm

  • 1 Tillandsia

  • 1 Orchid

Plants not pictured:

  • 3 String of Pearls
  • 1 German Onion
  • 3 Surprise Lily
  • 1 Wandering Jew
  • 3 Pothos
  • 1 Arrow Plant
  • 2 Rabbit Foot’s Fern
  • 2 Vicks Plant
  • 2 Jasmine
  • 1 Papyrus
  • 1 Philodendron ‘Hope Selloum’
  • 1 Bonsai Spruce
  • 1 Lucky Bamboo
  • 1 Dracaena
  • 1 Angel Trumpet
  • 1 Rosemary ‘Foxtail’ H/B
  • 16 Rosemary Topiaries ‘Tuscan Blue’
  • 1 Cuban Oregano
  • 6 Dwarf  Greek Myrtle
  • 3 Greek Myrtle
  • 1 Bay Tree
  • 3 Lemongrass
  • 37 Patchouli
  • 1 Hot Lips Salvia
  • 1 Watermelon Salvia
  • 1 White Sage
  • 3 Stevia
  • 15 Pesto Perpetuo Basil
  • 8 herb planters
  • 8 Scented Geraniums- Citronella, Frensham Lemon, Peppermint, Nutmeg, Skeleton Rose, Attar of Rose, Peacock, & Ginger
  • 8 Vietnamese Coriander

  • 3 unknown sp.

So let me count them up…

233 plants living inside, sheesh that is crazy!!!


About theherbshack

Jennifer Shackleton is a soap crafter and greenhouse grower specializing in herb plants. Jennifer began cultivating her interest in plants and nature as a young child roaming the woods at her grandparents' farm near Rough River Lake in Kentucky. In 2005, she formed a business called The Herb Shack growing culinary and medicinal herbs in an environmentally friendly way. She uses organic growing practices on her plants and sells them in biodegradable pots instead of plastic containers. As an outgrowth of the greenhouse business, Jennifer has begun studying and experimenting with the use of herb plants. This blog is about my journey on growing the herb plants, getting to know them, and learning how to use them. Enjoy!
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One Response to The Great Houseplant Census of 2010

  1. brian says:

    hey jen that’s quite a collection! don’t seek help for this addiction quite yet.

    a few things – might as well call the “lucky bamboo” a dracaena since that’s usually what they really are.

    the unknown palm may be a parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans) if the fruit are orange/black.

    the unknowns in the last pic: the top one looks like a gasteria, and the bottom two are Cryptanthus acaulis (sometimes known as earth star).

    too bad we’re too far apart to trade cuttings… alas.

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